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Happy First Day of School!

Today was a great day! Thank you to all students, parents, and staff for the positive energy that was shared throughout the day. It was a joy to see students connecting with friends, playing outside at recess, settling into their spaces, and engaging in learning.

A smooth first day is made possible when everyone works together. The school year ahead holds countless possibilities for learning, friendship, and personal growth. We encourage students, staff, and families to embrace challenges, cherish moments, and make this year truly remarkable. Thank you for your support and we look forward to an amazing year together.

It’s a great year to have a great year!!

Below are a couple reminders for this first week:

Start of Year Forms

The following forms were emailed to families via two Permission Click emails today with one exception being the Technology User Agreement for Kindergarten. There was a glitch with the Permission Click program. Once corrected the email will be sent but until then, Kindergarten families can still complete the form with the link below.

Each form needs to be completed for each student. You can also access each form from the links below. Please review the information in each form with you children and complete them by Friday, September 8th. 

EIPS Code of Conduct Acknowledgement - 

EIPS Student's Responsible Technology Use Agreement -

School Agendas

Thank you to all families who have already completed the agenda order form. While our hope was to provide students with agendas tomorrow, unfortunately we have not yet received the agendas. We have been told that the agendas will be delivered some time next week. As soon as we receive them, we will get them out to students who have requested agendas.

For those of you who have not completed the agenda order form, please do so. A Permission Click email with the form was sent to families who have not yet indicated if they will be purchasing their own agenda or a Glen Allan agenda. The Glen Allan agenda costs $4.25.

All students in grades 1-6 are required to have an agenda for the 2023-24 school year. The agenda is an extremely important classroom tool in elementary school as it helps with communication between the school and home, and aids students with organization and preparation.   

Please complete the Agenda Order Form through Permission Click indicating if you will purchase an agenda from Glen Allan or if will purchase one on your own.

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