Brightspace Support

Brightspace for Students and Parents

Brightspace for Students

**Make sure that you are logged out of your own personal Google and/or Gmail email accounts before trying to log your child into Brightspace**

  • Website:
  • Username: EIPS student email address
    • (first name, first middle initial, last initial, student’s graduating year
    • Example: John Adam Evan Smith in Grade 2 (only use first middle initial)
    • note: in some exceptional circumstances, this may be different
  • Password: EIPS student password
    • (most likely the student’s ASN – 9-digit Alberta Student Number – can be found on their report card)

Contact the school if you need help finding this login information or if it does not work.

Please visit for more information on student accounts.

**Please be aware that teachers will necessarily be assessing all of your child’s work that is submitted on Brightspace. They will look at the work, but there may not be grades or specific feedback will be returned on each submission**.

Brightspace for Parents

It is important that all parents are familiar with logging into Brightspace. If a class goes to online learning due to a positive case of Covid-19, Brightspace will be the format used to engage students in online learning. The turnaround to online learning will be quick and will be much easier to navigate if we can assist with helping you with signing in to Brightspace now.

Please sign in to Brightspace for Parents if you have not already. The process is below.

Brightspace for Parents allows authorized parents and guardians to log in to Brightspace Learning Environment to see their child’s classroom activity feed. This helps parents engage with their young learners and maintain awareness of their upcoming work.

Different classrooms are using Brightspace in different ways, however all teachers are posting content to their Brightspace pages which will be of interest to parents and guardians.

How to Sign In to Brightspace for Parents

To log into the EIPS Brightspace for Parents portal, please follow the following steps:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to
    1. When visiting for the first time, please click on "Forgot your password?"
    2. Then enter your PowerSchool Parent Portal username on the following page.
    3. Instructions to set your Brightspace for Parents portal password will be sent to the email address listed in PowerSchool.
  2. Enter your username and password to view all EIPS students linked to your parent portal account.

Note: You will ALWAYS use your PowerSchool Parent Portal username to access Brightspace for Parents, but your password may be different from PowerSchool. Please make a note of this when you set your password the first time you access Brightspace for Parents!

**Please watch the video below demonstrating how to sign-in the first time**

Parents - Signing into Brightspace For The First Time

Here is the EIPS Brightspace for Parents: Parent Guide, which can help you further navigate signing in and accessing additional features with Brightspace for Parents.

Please note: This guide is for parents of all students at all grade levels in EIPS. You may not be able to access all features in the guide, as Glen Allan or your child’s teacher may not be using all the features mentioned.

If you require assistance with Brightspace for Parents, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Vicic.

Brightspace User Guide for Parents.docx