Student Drop-Off Options and Visitor Parking

Student Drop-Off Options at Glen Allan

There are two possible options for parents to use when dropping off their children to Glen Allan Elementary. The first is if you wish to walk your children in to the school is to park in the front two rows of the shared parking lot directly across from the school in front of St. Nicolas and then use the crosswalk to safely cross with your children. The second is to use the drop off area in the west parking lot and let your child walk into the school from there. Please remember that the drop off on the west parking lot is meant for vehicles to pull up, quickly drop off students and then proceed.  Parking in the west parking lot is not permitted from 8:15 -8:45 in the morning and 3:00 - 3:30 in the afternoon.   Thank you for helping us make sure we have a safe area for your children, our students to safely enter and exit before and after school.