School Council Service Programs

Glen Allan School Council (GASC) Service Programs

The purpose of the GASC Service Programs is to provide some type of service to the students, parents and staff. The intent is to keep any associated costs for families to a minimum, therefore these programs are not considered fundraising activities.

Family Dance: The family dance is an evening of socialization for the entire family. Cancelled for 2020-2021

Hot Lunch: Several times a year students are given the opportunity to purchase food that is brought into the school, such as hamburgers and pizza.  Cancelled for 2020-2021

Parents Who Care: This program provides support to Glen Allan families during times of stress.

Musical Treat day:  The Musical Treat day takes places just before Valentines Day.  Students have a chance to win donated cakes.

Staff Appreciation: This is typically a luncheon for the school staff to say thank you for the work done throughout the year.

School Clothing: Students and parents have the opportunity to purchase clothing (i.e. t-shirts, hoodies) which sport the school logo. This program runs every few years.

Yearbook: The yearbook provides memories for the children's years at Glen Allan and is available for purchase.

Year-End Barbecue:  At the end of the school year GASC provides a barbecue luncheon for all staff and students. Cancelled for 2020-2021