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Student Drop Off - Drive Through Only 8:15 - 8:30 a.m.

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Attention all parents who drive their children to and/or from Glen Allan:

Before school -  In order to keep students safe and traffic flowing, our north parking lot is a drop off only zone between 8:15 a.m. and 8:30  a.m. each morning.  Staff members will be wearing safety vests and will be monitoring the drop off zone daily.  Please watch for staff direction to help guide you to either the left side or right side of the median.  Please have students exit the vehicle onto the meridian where we will help them cross the parking lot safely.  Parents must stay with their vehicle and exit the parking lot as quickly as possible.  If you are walking your child into the school, you must park in the first two rows of the St. Nicolas parking lot and use the crosswalk. 

PLEASE do not drop off nor pick up your children from the south STAFF parking lot by the Grade 1 doors.   This lot is restricted to staff parking ONLY. Many children walk through this lot before and after school to meet their parents and parents who use this lot raise the risk and potential for a serious accident involving one or more of our students.

After school at 3:15, parents should be waiting with  their vehicle if parked in the north parking lot.  We would like to keep traffic moving.

At all times -  please proceed slowly and with caution through the drop off/pick up zone.  Students are excited and do not always watch for vehicles backing up or driving through and it is hard to see the students between/around vehicles. 

THANK YOU - Your continued cooperation will ensure all of our students are safely delivered and picked up from school every day.