School Council Fund Development Programs

Glen Allan School Council (GASC) Fund Development Programs

The following are some of the fundraising efforts undertaken at Glen Allan for the benefit of all children to enhance such areas as fine arts, technology, and classroom discretionary funds:

Art Card Program: This program allows for students' artwork to be scanned and printed on greeting cards which parents may purchase.

Book Fairs: GASC organizes two book fairs, fall and spring, to give both students and parents an opportunity to purchase material aimed at elementary students. Proceeds are used to directly purchase library materials as well as support author visits.

Casino: Glen Allan participates in a casino every few years when a date is assigned. This has proven to be a very successful fundraiser for the school.

Donation Program: This allows parents to make a financial donation directly to the school.

Spell-a-thon/Math-a-thon: The students raise money through pledges.

Bottle Drive: Glen Allan students and families will have an opportunity to raise funds by bringing in bottles to the February Parent/Student/Teacher conferences.