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February 20 BUZZ

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you to all our parents who attended interviews last week! It was great to see families out with their children. We'd like to thank Mrs. Appleby and the incredible volunteers who were busy all week at the book fair.

We look forward to this week's Glen Allan School Council Meeting. All parents and caregivers are welcome to join us Thursday, February 22 at 6:30 pm. The second fee consultation for next year’s school fees is on the meeting agenda. More information about the meeting can be found in the blog post article below. 

There are also two important GASC initiatives currently underway. The Math-a-Thon, an important fundraiser for our new playground, is well underway. Students should be collecting pledges and working through the numeracy Bingo card. Yearbook orders are also open. Order forms were sent home with students on Friday. More information about each initiative can be found in this week's BUZZ blog post.

It's a great week for a great week!

Please read through the following blog post articles for important Glen Allan information. 





First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Information

Photo Galleries

  • Book Fair
  • Beading with Mrs. Devin
  • Spreading Love
  • Fun at Glen Allan

WEEK AT A GLANCE - February 19 - February 23


  • Family Day


  • Whole school assembly with Dr. Lucio Gelmini - Amazing Science Demos


  • Boys Basketball Practice at Lunch



  • BE Paws Pizza Lunch for Draw Winners
  • Enjoy working on the Math-a-Thon Bingo Card! The deadline to complete as many of the challenges as possible is February 27.


Glen Allan School Council Meeting & Fee Consultation - Thursday, February 22 @ 6:30 pm

We are grateful to have a strong Glenn Allan School Council (GASC) who are committed to learning about the school, providing support to our programs and resources for students, and sharing input and feedback to the school for growth and improvement.

At this meeting we will be holding our second fee consultation for next year's school fees. We will be sharing the proposed fees and the rationale for additional fees and increases or decreases to the fee schedule. Thank you to all families who provided feedback at last month's meeting and through the fees survey to inform next year fees.

GASC is open to all parents and guardians of children who attend Glen Allan Elementary. Below is the link to the agenda: 

AGENDA and Meeting Link for those joining virtually

Yearbook Orders

YAY!  It’s time to order the 2023-2024 YEARBOOK. A paper copy of the order form was sent home with students last week. If you need another copy you can download it here.

Orders due by February 28. Yearbooks are $25 each

How To Place Your Order:

  1. Complete the order form and return it to the school. Send it with your child or drop it off at the office.
  2. Ordering is available from February 20th to February 28th
  3. Make your payment online:
    1. Visit website and pay online via PayPal.

If you have a Hot Lunch online ordering profile, simply log in using the same credentials. If you do not have a profile, directions to create one are on the website. Access code is GLEN.


We hope everyone is having fun with the Math-a-Thon and working on the Math Bingo Squares at home. Below is a reminder of some important Math-a-Thon dates:

  • February 16-27, 2024 MATH A THON BINGO CARD
    • Students are encouraged to complete 25 Spaces on their Math-A-Thon BINGO Sheet
    • Parent support in the tracking of student numeracy accomplishments
  • February 29 – March 4, 2024 PLEDGE COLLECTION AND SUBMISSION
    • Each student should collect Sponsor pledges and either bring funds to the School or complete an e-transfer.
  • March 4, 2024 DEADLINE: All pledge money is due to the school.
    • Any money collected after this date CANNOT be considered in the tabulation for prizes.
    • E-transfer (1 transfer to Cash/Cheques payable to GASC.
  • March 14, 2024 PIE-Day TIME FOR PRIZES!!!

Students in each grade will have a chance to win a prizes, as well as the top class fundraisers. Just in time for Pi-day, students will have an opportunity to “pie” a Teacher, Administrator, Educational Assistant (EA), or our amazing Caretaker.


Math-a-Thon packages were already sent home with students. To download additional copies, please use the links below.

Which One Doesn't Belong

Which One Doesn't Belong is a fun way for students to explain their reasoning and build their numeracy skills. The best part about these puzzles is there is no correct answer. The best is when each person has a different answer and you all try to convince one another which is the “right one”. 

Creating Which One Doesn't Belong problems at home can be a fun way to work on numeracy skills and reasoning at home.

Below is a Which One Doesn't Belong featuring Mrs. Marks.


Assistant Principal Evaluation Survey 

As a part of an assistant principal’s professional practice, they are continually looking for ways to improve. This said, please take a minute to complete a survey using the link below, which will provide Mrs. Appleby with feedback about her strengths and areas for improvement. As an educational leader, it is essential that assistant principals model what they expect from our students and staff, and self-reflection is an essential part of continued growth.

The feedback shared will also provide information for Mrs. Appleby's assistant principal evaluation this year. The survey results will be collected and compiled by our EIPS Human Resources department and then shared back with Mrs. Appleby for reflection.  

If you are unsure of an answer, you may leave it blank. Clicking “submit” on the first page will take you to the start of the survey. Click “submit” at the end of the survey to complete the submission process. Answers are collected on a secure SurveyMonkey site to maintain confidentiality. The survey will remain open from February 15-March 1, 2024.

We look forward to reading your comments and finding ways to implement your feedback. I am always open to meeting with you to discuss this or any other topics.

An evening with Mardi Hardt - Your Child's Incredible Brain!

Join us for a fun and informational evening learning about the powerful role relationships and experiences have on early brain development and play the Brain Architecture Game!

When? Tuesday, February 27

Where? Woodbridge Farms Elementary School (1127 Parker Drive, Sherwood Park)

What? Dinner (5:30-6pm), Activities (6-8pm)

Cost? FREE!! (Limited space available: 30 spots only)

Register Here


Numeracy at Home

Take breaks
If you’re helping your child with math homework, it’s important to prioritize healthy brain breaks to keep their mind sharp and their motivation high.
At regular intervals, take a quick 5-minute break together to play outside, have a dance party, grab a snack or whatever else your heart desires! Make sure to plan for breaks ahead of time to keep your child from getting overwhelmed.

Find fun math games
During playtime or screen time, choose a fun math game that will help your child build new skills in a relaxed environment, whether independently or as a family.
Try these:

Best Math Resources & Websites to Share with Parents | Prodigy (

Book Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported our final book fair of the year. Business was booming and we'll be able to purchase many books for our school library, as a result.

Speaking of books, if you visited the book fair and saw our estimation contest, students were asked to estimate how many books are in our school library. The answer: 9514!

Congratulations to the following students who won a book of their choosing for their guesses:

  • Sloane, 8949
  • Aria, 9999
  • Makayla, 9000
  • Jane, 9641

Congratulations to Jayla who won $25 in books for her family and $25 in books for Mrs. Balog's class!



PROTOCOL. You may have heard this word used in the context of First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures. Each Nation is distinct and has their own understanding of what protocol means and how it is practiced. Generally speaking, protocol is a way to honour and respect Indigenous ways of being and doing and respect important ethical practices. Protocols are ways of establishing and maintaining respectful relations with Indigenous Peoples. For Nations that have protocol teachings, it can mean following the customs that describe appropriate and respectful behaviour when seeking knowledge, advice, expertise or service.  Protocol is offered to serve each individual and with each request. It is important to ask about the proper protocol for any given situation.

Our Words, Our Ways (Alberta Education 2017) notes that protocols exist to

  • build trusting, honest relationships
  • show respect for Aboriginal (Indigenous) cultures, values and beliefs
  • allow people to speak in the voice and style of their cultural group
  • create balance in the consultation and negotiation process
  • improve relations with Aboriginal (Indigenous) communities.



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